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World Justice Project Ranks Venezuela near Bottom in Rule of Law

David Smilde

The World Justice Project came out with their worldwide rankings of the rule of law last week and Venezuela’s scores were horrendous. Globally it was in the bottom 25% of all rankings and dead last in the category of criminal justice. Regionally it was in last place in six of eight categories.

In terms of “Accountable Government” Venezuela scored far lower than the rest of the region in all sub-factors, especially “absence of corruption in the judicial branch,” “independent auditing and review,” and “government officials sanctioned for misconduct.” In these last two it scored close to zero.

In terms of “Open Government and Regulatory Enforcement,” comparisons to the region are more mixed. Venezuela scored far below the regional average in the sub-factors “official information is available,” “Administrative proceedings conducted without unreasonable delay,” “Due process in administrative proceedings,” and “The government does not expropriate without adequate compensation.” However, it equaled or exceeded the regional average on two other factors, including “Laws are publicized,” and “Government regulations are effectively enforced.”

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