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PROVEA releases July International Human Rights Bulletin

David Smilde

Venezuelan human rights group PROVEA has released the July issue of Venezuela: International Bulletin on Human Rights. This issue looks at the paradox of scarcities at a time of increased consumption (see our coverage here), the right to strike, and the human rights implications of Venezuela assuming the pro tempore presidency of MERCOSUR.

The bulletin is published monthly in Spanish, English and French.

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Venezuela’s Withdrawal from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

David Smilde and Hugo Pérez Hernaíz

This week the Center for Justice and International Law (CEJIL) put out a statement (signed by 44 organizations, including WOLA) criticizing Venezuela’s decision to withdraw from the Interamerican Human Rights Court (I/A Court H.R.). This is a discussion that is only beginning and we hope to run a variety of pieces on the issues in play. 

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